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At Advonex, we believe in integrity and innovation.

Our platform technology creates cost-effective renewable lubricating base oils, emollients, mineral oils, waxes and fuels that outperform ingredients that traditionally have been produced from petroleum—sustainable business solutions for a more sustainable world.

We don’t just help you reduce your reliance on petroleum, we help you improve your business.

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Scientific solutions that make a real difference.

Drop-in-replacements for petroleum-based products are a good starting point. But we can do better—for your business and for our planet.

Through our patented process innovations, we produce hydrocarbons from biological feedstock. These renewable hydrocarbons create high-performance base oils, renewable diesel, waxes, and mineral oils that are superior to their petroleum-based counterparts.

Our products are:

  • feedstock agnostic
  • scalable for production
  • cost effective
  • compatible with existing infrastructure

Impacting the world. Impacting the future.

Our plant-based hydrocarbons offer a better alternative—improved performance, more sustainability—to the use of petroleum in the production of fuels, plastics, lubricants, waxes, paper products, building materials, and cosmetics and lotions.

According to SBI Energy, the market for these bio-based chemicals is projected to be over $12 billion annually worldwide by 2021. This growth will be driven by the need to:

  • reduce petroleum dependency
  • meet consumer demand for environmental responsibility
  • respond to manufacturers call for more sustainable, cost-effective processes

We are currently focused on developing sustainable hydrocarbons for:

Advonex International - How We Operate

A sustainable approach to doing business.

Sustainable solutions

Our products outperform their petroleum-based counterparts. And they’re better for the environment.

Sustainable principles

Adhering to Green Chemistry principles, we reduce environmental waste and our operating costs. According to an independent life-cycle analysis, the production and application of our lubricants reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Advonex International - Why Us

Innovative. Responsive. Future-focused.

At Advonex, you have a collaborative partner committed to your success. Our science delivers the solutions to improve your business and create a more sustainable world.

Our team is our core asset, our competitive advantage. They have the flexibility and autonomy to innovate.

Recognizing that we are part of a larger community, our employees share their talents to benefit others around the world.

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Advonex International prides itself on solving problems. Our capabilities and products are ever-evolving.  If you don’t see what you need on our website, ask us.