High viscosity index (VI)

As manufacturers strive for greater power in smaller engines, crankcase lubricants must withstand higher temperatures. Entrada®-BASE’s high VI enables engines to operate at higher tempertures with less wear.

High Performance Base Oils

Low volatility

When lubricants heat up, smaller molecules vaporize, leaving less liquid for the necessary lubrication.  Entrada®-BASE solves this problem by having molecules with very narrow weight distribution. This means more lubrication for engines at high temperatures, reducing engine wear and lengthening engine life.

Improved lubricity

Entrada®-BASE has lower traction than all petroleum-based oils. In 5W30 formulations, Entrada®-BASE reduces friction by 30% as compared to petroleum-based motor oil of the same grade.

Hydrolytic stability

Entrada®-BASE is more resistant to breakdown by oxygen or water than other bio-based lubricants because it contains no oxygen.


Providing a secure stable supply of renewable hydrocarbons.

Superior characteristics and high-performance making it API Group III+ base oil.

Better performance, improved fuel economy, a high value drop-in replacement.



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