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Collaboration and partnerships are key in developing a successful business


Advonex International has partnered with Minnesota Soybean Processors (MnSP) and Valvoline in developing a plant-based Group III+ base oil with superior performances.


MnSP is a farmer owned cooperative that operates a 3,300 ton per day crush facility and biodiesel refinery that produces 30 MGPY. The cooperative has over 2,300 members, mostly small farmers who invested in the plant in 2003 to generate greater value from their crops through processing.



MnSP’s partnership with Advonex fits nicely into its strategic goals to diversify its production, find a new use for its soybean crude oil and allow the company to own and develop new technology. Advonex's technology will utilize soybean oil to produce a high-performance Group III+ base oil for Valvoline to formulate the next generation lubricant.

Valvoline® was founded in 1866 when its founder, Dr. John Ellis invented the first trademarked lubricant for the steam engines. Today, Valvoline lubricants are manufactured, marketed and sold in more than 140 countries. Valvoline’s technology team consists of 50+ scientists and engineers and it has extensive experience in formulating and introducing new lubricants.


Valvoline was the first major lubricant company in the U. S. to formulate a major brand with molybdenum friction modifiers, the first to incorporate low phosphorus Hyper ZDP for reduced emissions with improved engine durability across their product line, and has always been among the first to introduce low viscosity grade oils in each new API category.


Valvoline is the only North American oil marketer that maintains its own engine and fleet testing laboratory (in Ashland, Kentucky).  Valvoline’s interest in sustainability led it to commercialize the NextGen line of motor oil in 2011, which was the first motor oil by a major marketer to feature rerefined base oil.


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