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Advonex CEO, Chad Joshi, interviewed by CEO/CFO Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that without significantly greater reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the global impact of climate change will be disastrous for humans. While some people are still skeptical that humans are responsible for the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, many governments and corporations are embracing opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. They have recognized that doing so not only helps the environment but it also helps their bottom line.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO magazine, Advonex CEO Chad Joshi, talked about the goals of the company to address climate change by offering alternatives to ingredients for lubricants, cosmetics, personal care and other markets that have heretofore been only produce from petroleum.

"Advonex is focused on addressing climate change through the development and commercialization of renewable, plant-based alternatives to petroleum products. Our science will enhance our customers’ business and make the world a better place."

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