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Advonex International and Stepan Company collaborate to develop sustainable personal care products

Brockville, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 10, 2020 — Advonex International and Stepan Company are working together to update classic cosmetics and personal care products with new, plant-based ingredients that provide the sustainability characteristics consumers want. Stepan Personal Care is currently developing its next set of personal care prototype formulations expected to be launched in early Q2 2020. These prototypes will be part of the Modern Vintage Collection, a set of classic formulations that are updated with more sustainable ingredients.

These prototype formulations include:

Modern Vintage Cold Cream replaces the classic mineral oil, ceresin and paraffin wax combination with four 100% natural emollients, including a cocoa butter alternative from Stepan, WECOBEE® M, and Advonex’s renewable, plant-based alternatives to mineral oil and petrolatum: Entrada®-EML and Entrada®-GL. The Modern Vintage Cold Cream also made improvements to the emulsification package of the formulation. The ceresin from the classic formula is replaced by Advonex’s Entrada®-WAX 68X, a vegetable-derived alternative to traditional paraffin wax. Overall, by using naturally derived products from Stepan and Advonex, the bio-based content of the Modern Vintage Cold Cream was increased from the benchmark of <50% to 95%.

Modern Vintage Shaving Soap modernizes historic shaving soaps that were just that — soap made from animal fats and an alkali. Soap is effective at cleansing but is very defatting, removing natural skin lipids and disrupting the skin’s surface. This modern solution is using mild cleansers such as Stepan’s STEOL® CS-230 and LATHANOL® LAL that produce copious and rich lather, but are much milder to the skin. The Modern Vintage Shaving Soap also features Entrada®-DFL 77 from Advonex, a 100% plant-based silicone alternative to aid in slip when shaving.

Modern Vintage Rouge brings classic Hollywood into the 21stcentury. The Modern Vintage Rouge Stick combines natural oils and waxes with plant-based emollients to create a vegan formula that is 99.6% naturally derived. Use this rouge on your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a glamorous pop of color. This formula features Stepan’s NEOBEE® M-5 COSMETIC, a natural emollient that helps hydrate the skin upon application, and Advonex’s Entrada®-DFL82 and Entrada®-EML — a renewable, plant-based volatile silicone alternative and a mineral oil replacement, respectively.

All formulations will be featured at Stepan’s booth (1025) and Advonex’s booth (1459) during the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day, May 5 and 6, in New York City.

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