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Impacting the world. Securing the future

When it comes to environmental issues, we believe in continuous improvement. With increased innovation, creativity, and teamwork, and with the cooperation of all stakeholders, we believe we can revitalize our natural resources, reduce reliance on petroleum and generate high revenue for farmers.

A key issue that arises with any biologically-sourced chemical is the perceived conflict between growing crops for food vs. fuel/chemicals. Our process makes use of non-food grade feedstock that do not conflict with food growth.

Life Cycle Analysis of the production process shows that by using sustainably-grown, locally-sourced materials such as canola (rape seed) oil, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by more than 5 kg CO -e/kg of products.  For a 25 tonne/day commercial plant, this would reduce carbon emissions by 42,000 tonnes annually.


Life Cycle Analysis

Our superior performance products give your customers the value they are looking for with less cradle-to-grave environmental impact. We use sustainably sourced raw materials and processes that adhere to Green Chemistry principles.

An independent life cycle analysis shows Entrada lubricant production has lower GHG emissions than petroleum-based lubricants. Through better performance, Entrada lubricants also reduce engine friction, providing better fuel economy.


Production of Hydrocarbons for Lubricants and Fuels from Biological Feedstocks

Green Chemistry Principles

Less waste. Less energy. Less pollution.


A cleaner world is not just about better products but also better processes. We apply Green Chemistry principles to all aspects of our company’s operations.


Learn How Advonex International adheres to Green Chemistry principles.

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