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Mission Statement

Advonex International develops and sells sustainable ingredients for lubricants, cosmetics, personal care products and other markets. Produced using a patented process, our ingredients deliver performance that exceeds their petroleum-based counterparts at a cost-competitive price.  Recognized for its innovative technology by World Bio Markets, Ecovia intelligence and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the company aims to make the world a better place by helping you improve your business with our scientific innovations. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

Our Vision

Use our science to promote bio-based alternatives to fossil resources

  • Show our customers how our science can improve their business

  • Make the world a better place for coming generations

To achieve this vision, we

  • have embraced the Principles of Green Chemistry and resource efficiency in our operations;

  • source raw materials from certified sustainable resources;

  • are continually improving our operation to minimize waste and environmental impact.

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