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Sustainable, high-performance plant-based ingredients

We look to innovation as a way to protect the environment, whether by using energy and resources more wisely, pioneering business and product lines that make use of renewable raw materials, or helping customers shrink their environmental footprints.


Our plant-based hydrocarbons offer a better alternative—improved performance, more sustainability—to the use of petroleum in the production of fuels, plastics, lubricants, waxes, paper products, building materials, and cosmetics. According to Frost & Sullivan, the market for these bio-based chemicals is projected to be $26 billion annually worldwide by 2024.


This growth will be driven by the need to:

  • reduce petroleum dependency

  • meet consumer demand for environmental responsibility

  • respond to manufacturers call for more sustainable, cost-effective processes

Personal Care Ingredients
R&D Lab

Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Entrada -WAX (paraffinic and microcrystalline) and Entrada -EM deliver plant-sourced waxes and white oils for the natural cosmetics that consumers are seeking with the production consistency that manufacturers need.

Renewable waxes and oils that can eliminate the need for petroleum in cosmetics and personal care. And more importantly, the plant-based feedstock and our innovative process technology eliminates the possible presence of any harmful cyclical compounds that are often found in petroleum-derived waxes and white oils.

Automotive & Industrial Lubricants

To improve fuel economy automobile companies are seeking lubricants that hold up under higher engine temperatures and pressures and yet work at cold cranking conditions.  The high viscosity index, low volatility and traction coefficient of Entrada-BASE delivers fuel economy without sacrificing engine performance.

Industrial Applications
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