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Sustainable Ingredients

Entrada® hydrocarbons are designed to mimic the sensory experience of familiar personal care ingredients such as waxes, gels, emollients.  These ingredients are made from non-GMO, sustainably grown seed crops such as canola (rape seed), soybeans, corn, palm and coconut.  These widely-available feedstocks enable us to produce cost-effective replacements for

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Entrada ingredients in your formulations, contact us for a copy of our "Formulations Guide" which contains recipes for many personal care products.


Cosmetic products that are plant-based, sustainably sourced with a range of applications.

Advonex's patented process facillitates the ability to customize finished product to meet customer needs.

Advonex products are healthier for the planet by leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

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