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Waxes come from many sources and have a wide range of hardness and melting point. Many natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic waxes are a mix of esters, alcohols and fatty acids. Harder and less greasy than oils and fats, they are used to thicken formulations, with emollient and protective qualities. Waxes can provide stability to skin care and cosmetics and boost their viscosity and consistency.

Natural waxes tend of have a yellow or off-white colour which makes them more difficult to use for colour cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara, eye liners, eye shadow and blush.  Entrada®-WAX is a pure white paraffinic wax derived from plant oils.  It is available in a range of melt points between 50 and 70 C - the most popular of which is WAX 68 which melts at 68 C.  These properties make it ideal for colour cosmetics uses and as a thickener as it doesn’t change your colour.  The plant-based origin also appeals to the growing demand for vegan cosmetic products.

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