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Sustainability & Performance

Entrada® products deliver improved performance in a variety of industrial applications such as automotive lubricants,  transformer and battery cooling and hydraulic fluids.

High fuel-economy lubricants


High viscosity index

Low volatility

As manufacturers strive for greater power in smaller engines, crankcase lubricants must withstand higher temperatures. Entrada®-BASE’s high VI enables engines to operate at higher temperatures with less wear.

The narrow molecular weight distribution of   Entrada®-BASE reduces volatility. This means more lubrication for engines at high temperatures, reducing engine wear and increasing engine life.

Hydrolytic stability

Entrada®-BASE is more resistant to breakdown by oxygen or water than other bio-based lubricants because it contains no oxygen.

Improved lubricity

Entrada®-BASE has lower traction than all petroleum-based oils. In crankcase lubricant formulations, Entrada®-BASE reduces friction by 30% as compared to petroleum-based motor oil of the same grade.

Cooling fluids for electric vehicles and transformers

Cooling Oils

Entrada has excellent dielectric strength (breakdown voltage: 48 kV) and excellent thermal properties making it an ideal coolant for transformers and industrial/automotive batteries systems.  

Electric Car Battery Charging
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