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The EcoWell dispells myths and mis-information in the cosmetics

Jen Novakovich, Founder of The Eco Well, recently interviewed Advonex CEO, Chad Joshi, as part of a series of podcasts aim at clearing up myths and mis-information about cosmetics and personal care ingredients. Her interview can be heard here.

The Eco Well is a Canadian education platform focused on promoting sustainability, transparency, and science in cosmetics. Our goal is to empower our community to make more informed decisions when purchasing or formulating cosmetic products. We offer classes on green cosmetic formulating for all levels, have our own science podcast where we interview scientist and industry leaders about all things cosmetics, have a 'beauty' blog and Youtube channel and offer consultation services for cosmetic businesses and stores.

Advonex is an innovator in the bio-chemical industry, producing hydrocarbons from plant oils through its patented process innovations. Advonex’s platform technology creates the Entrada line of cost-effective renewable emollients, base oils, waxes, and petrolatum that outperform ingredients that have been traditionally produced from petroleum.

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