Additional Applications
Transformer Oils

Entrada®-EML has excellent dielectric (breakdown voltage: 48 kV) and thermal properties making them ideal to cool industrial and utility transformers. 

Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid

Entrada®-BASE is derived from plants making them ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.

Snowboard/Ski wax

The paraffinic nature of Entrada®-WAX delivers excellent glide for winter sports equipment and minimizes environmental impact because it is plant-derived.

Custom Melting Point

Collaborate with Advonex to develop wax products with customized melting point  to meet your needs.

Tailored Performance

Our process can be tailored to customize a base oil to meet your heavy, light or non-industrial requirements.


Entrada ingredients are carbon neutral, reducing your carbon footprint.

Our science for your business to make a better world.

Competitive advantage through renewable hydrocarbons customized to your needs.


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