Bio-based Emollients


Entrada®-SQ is synthetic, plant-based squalane which is a high-end moisturizing agent used in various personal care products, especially cosmetics. Entrada®-SQ acts as a lubricating agent in the manufacture of skin care products; it helps provide a smooth and soft appearance to the skin. It is also used in hair conditioning products and employed in the manufacture of vaccines. 

Entrada®-EML & -EMH


Acts as an emollient, solvent and anti-static agent, Entrada®-EM family consist of white oils with a range of volatility and viscosity permitting a wide range of uses due to its high quality, clarity and oxidation stability. Used as a base material for hair preparations, skin creams, suntan products, ointments, ingredients for baby and massage oils, lipsticks, lotions, bath oils, laxatives etc. Entrada®-EML  is similar to baby oil is its sensory characteristics.  It delivers high purity without PAHs and CMRs. Entrada®-EMH is a less volatile white oil for applications where longer retention on the skin is desired.



Entrada®-DF is a plant-based, highly-refined white oil used as a blending base for applications in cosmetics where high volatility is desired. It is chemically as well as biologically stable. It has good spreadability, a powdery, soft after-feel. Possesses both emolliency and silicone-like properties, Entrada®-DF can be used in antiperspirants and deodorants, body wash, hair conditioner, hair styling & finishing, skin creams & lotions and sun care products. It is a renewable and naturally-derived alternative to silicone oils.


Deliver innovative sustainable ingredients to your consumer.

An effective petroleum replacement to meet the growing consumer demand for non-petroleum products.

Provide a secure stable supply of ingredients. Plant-based ingredients exhibit less price volatility than petroleum ingredients



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