What is Entrada  ?

Next generation hydrocarbons derived from biological feedstocks

Through our patented process innovations, we produce hydrocarbons from biological feedstock. These renewable hydrocarbons create high-performance base oils, renewable diesel, waxes, and white oils that are superior to their petroleum-based counterparts.


Our products are:

  • Direct replacements to petroleum products

  • Feedstock agnostic

  • Scalable for production

  • Cost competitive to petroleum products

  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

  • Customizable finished products

Advonex is the only company in the world that can produce:

  • Entrada-BASE, a base oil for automotive, marine and industrial lubrication applications;

  • Entrada-WAX, paraffinic and microcrystalline waxes for personal care, cosmetics, inks, gliding, emulsions, crayons;

  • Entrada-EM, white oil for use in personal care, cosmetics, brake fluid, lubricants;

  • Entrada-GL, “petrolatum” jelly for coatings, lubrication, material finishing, surface cleansing applications; and

  • Entrada-DF, Highly-volatile emollient for personal care


Entrada -BASE

Entrada-BASE - base oil that enables automotive and industrial lubricants with performance characteristics superior to synthetic motor oils on the market today. With higher viscosity index, lower volatility and lower traction coefficient than petroleum base oils, formulators can now produce lubricants for the next generation engines that are running hotter and faster than today’s engines. 


Furthermore, it is easier to formulate into motor oils than poly-alpha-olefins (PAOs) and is more cost-effective.  No other biologically-derived lubricant can deliver that level of performance. Advonex has produced Entrada-BASE from soybean, canola, coconut, palm, and distiller’s corn oil with equal success.


Entrada-BASE delivers superior performance at a lower cost and while reducing GHG emissions.


Entrada -WAX and Entrada -EM

Advonex International has also developed plant-based waxes, gels, emollients specifically formulated to meet the needs of the cosmetics and personal care industry.  These cosmetics and personal care ingredients are produced only from plant-based feedstock.


Entrada-WAX (paraffinic and microcrystalline) and Entrada-EM (white oils) deliver plant-based ingredients for the natural cosmetics that consumers are demanding with the production consistency that manufacturers need. These ingredients can be customized to suit your requirements in developing eco-friendly and sustainable products.  





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