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Advonex® International Receives Registered Trademark Status for its Company Name and Product Line

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kingston, ON – Advonex® International has received registered trademark status for both its name and product line by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The Advonex registered trademarks covers the company name and its Entrada® line of renewable hydrocarbons:

  • Entrada®–BASE

  • Entrada®–EM

  • Entrada®–WAX

  • Entrada®–DZL

  • Entrada®–GL

Dr. Joshi, CEO, commented on the company’s recent registered trademark status. “Advonex International has emerged as a leader in the bio-chemical industry.” Dr. Joshi continued, “When a customer purchases ingredients from Advonex, they are investing in a superior product backed by an organization that believes in creating a more sustainable world. We felt our company’s name and product line was something worth protecting.”

About Advonex International Advonex International is an innovator in the bio-chemical industry, producing hydrocarbons from plant oils through its patented process innovations. Advonex’s platform technology creates cost-effective renewable lubricating base oils, emollients, mineral oils, waxes, and fuels that outperform ingredients that traditionally have been produced from petroleum. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

Contact Advonex International Corporation Michael Tkautz, Business Development Manager 945 Princess Street, Box 202 Kingston, ON K7L 0E9 Canada: 1 613-767-9285 ext. 105 USA: 1 978-259-0100 ext. 105

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