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Advonex® International Granted Second US Patent to Expand Protection of the Company’s Electrochemica

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kingston, ON – Today the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued US Patent No. 9,611,554 entitled “Production of Hydrocarbons from Plant Oil and Animal Fat” to Advonex® International.

This newly issued patent further expands the company’s intellectual property portfolio by broadening its process capabilities and licensing opportunities.

When asked about this significant milestone, Dr. Joshi, CEO said, “Through the efforts of our science and engineering team, this patent, in conjunction with Advonex’s other intellectual property, expands protections of the company’s electrochemical process technology used to produce plant-based replacements for waxes, emollients and other hydrocarbons used in formulating products for the health and beauty industry – a market in which safer, ethically-produced, sustainable products is becoming increasingly important to consumers.”

Advonex will continue to expand its IP portfolio as it builds capacity and enters strategic markets around the world.

About Advonex International Advonex International is an innovator in the bio-chemical industry, producing hydrocarbons from plant oils through its patented process innovations. Advonex’s platform technology creates cost-effective renewable lubricating base oils, emollients, mineral oils, waxes, and fuels that outperform ingredients that traditionally have been produced from petroleum. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

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