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Bio-based Economy Trends

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The Advanced Biofuel Leadership Conference held November 2-4, 2016, featured state-of-the-art presentations on the bio-based economy and the emerging trends within the advanced technology and sustainability community.

The chemicals industry has recognized that true sustainability requires finding renewable processes to replace all of the products traditionally derived from petroleum. While 80-85% of a barrel is used to produce fuels, the lubricants, waxes, plastics, asphalt, and other products that make up the remainder of the barrel of crude oil is of equal value as the fuels. The bio-chemicals industry has been increasing attention paid to these higher value products as companies look for ways to maximize their investment.

In addition, companies aiming to have a significant impact on the industry need to scale-up globally. Petroleum products are produced globally and are interchangeable – that is, the gasoline, jet fuel and lubricants produced in Canada is the same as that produced in Germany, Thailand, or Saudi Arabia, and the purchaser of these products are international players. They want to buy products and deliver them globally.

About Advonex International Advonex International, an innovator in the bio-chemicals industry, produces hydrocarbons from biological feedstock through its patented process innovations. These renewable hydrocarbons enable high-performance lubricants, organic, renewable cosmetics and lotions by replacing petroleum-based ingredients with better performing renewable components. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

Advonex International is Expanding Market Presence Beyond Lubricant Base Oils

Advonex International is addressing the beauty and personal care industry with the development of renewable waxes and emollients that can eliminate the need for petroleum in cosmetics and personal care. Its Entrada™ –WAX (paraffinic and microcrystalline) and Entrada™ –EM oils can deliver plant-based ingredients for the natural cosmetics that consumers are demanding with the production consistency that manufacturers need.

For further information about our new products and market opportunities, please contact:

Contact Advonex International Corporation Chad Joshi, CEO 945 Princess Street Kingston, ON K7L 0E9 Canada: 1 613-767-9285 USA: 1 978-259-0100

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