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2017 New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Meeting

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kingston, ON – Advonex International will be attending an Eco-Evolution event put on by the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists on January 25 at the Chart House in Weehawken, New Jersey. The event will feature two researchers who are helping to save our planet in different ways. This is part of a broader effort by the company to learn about various ways industry leaders are helping to create a more sustainable world in preparation for the upcoming NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2017.

There is growing concern over potentially hazardous chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, as well as the health of the ocean. Geoffrey Brooks and Sylvia Earle are developing products that will shape the future to benefit generations to come.

Leading edge cosmetic chemist Geoffrey Brooks is working to create ingredients using agricultural products with low environmental footprint and minimal impact on global warming.

“I will discuss some of the highlights on the important dynamics of how water works within the skin and hair in relation to water in the environment, and what the cosmetic industry has done to enhance the skin’s appearance by topically applying products.”

Top oceanography scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, will talk about her special focus on developing a global network of areas on the land and in the ocean to safeguard the living systems that provide the underpinnings of global processes, from maintaining biodiversity and yielding basic life support services to providing stability and resiliency in response to accelerating climate change.

About Advonex International Advonex International, an innovator in the bio-chemicals industry, produces hydrocarbons from biological feedstock through its patented process innovations. These renewable hydrocarbons enable high-performance lubricants, organic, renewable cosmetics, and lotions by replacing petroleum-based ingredients with better performing renewable components. Our Science. Your Business. Better World.

Advonex International is Expanding Market Presence Beyond Lubricant Base Oils

Advonex International is addressing the beauty and personal care industry with the development of renewable waxes and emollients that can eliminate the need for petroleum in cosmetics and personal care. Its Entrada™ –WAX (paraffinic and microcrystalline) and Entrada™ -EM oils can deliver plant-based ingredients for the natural cosmetics that consumers are demanding with the production consistency that manufacturers need.

About New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists NYSCC is dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, and strives to increase and disseminate scientific information through meetings and publications. By promoting research in cosmetic science and industry, and by setting high ethical, professional, and educational standards. They serve as a focus and provide the proper forums for the exchange of ideas and new developments in cosmetic research and technology. For further information about our new products and market opportunities, please contact:

Contact Advonex International Corporation Chad Joshi, CEO 945 Princess Street Kingston, ON K7L 0E9 Canada: 1 613-767-9285 USA: 1 978-259-0100

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The Eco-Evolution event held on January 25, 2017, featured two researchers who are working to create a sustainable environment. Top oceanography scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle identified the oceans as a s

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